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From first century Judea to a future London, Jonathan's works share almost nothing in subject or setting. 


But they are united in being beautifully written, compulsively readable, thought-provoking novels of ideas.

Under Country



Under Country is the story of the miners’ strike: the sudden shock of poverty; the camaraderie; the brutality. It is the story of one man’s fight for redemption, as the wounds of an embattled generation hardened to scars.

The mines never stopped. Twenty-four hours a day the winding engines ran. Eight- hour shifts. The only way you came out before eight hours was on a stretcher. The mines never stopped.

Until they did.

The Tongues of Men or Angels



After the crucifixion, Jesus’ followers, now led by his brother James the Just, remained devout Jews, vigorously opposed to the Roman occupiers. But a rival faction emerged, under the charismatic itinerant Paul of Tarsus. Some called him Saint and some a liar. But Paul began telling those stories which would transform a small sect of Judaism into a world religion. Unsealing a tale that has been waiting through long ages, Jonathan Trigell shows the night sky of Biblical-era Israel lit, not by guiding stars, but by flames of terror. He shows contested soil, on which prophets pleaded while battles raged. He shows men of flesh and of blood; by turns loving and brutal. The Tongues of Men or Angels is a dazzling act of imagination and learning. It is a literary resurrection.



In the Britain of a few tomorrows time, physical perfection is commonplace and self improvement has become an extinct expression: all the qualities men and women could aspire to can be purchased prior to birth. "Genus" is a time of genetic selection and enrichment - life chances come on a sliding scale according to wealth. For some there is no money or choice, and an underclass has evolved; London's King's Cross, or The Kross as it is now known, has become a ghetto for the Unimproved. In The Kross, the natural, the dated, the cheap and the dull, live a brittle and unenviable existence. But unrest is growing; tension is mounting and a murderer is abroad in these dark quarters...



Byron started it. The original rockstar. It was thanks to Byron that Itchy wound up living in Chamonix Mont Blanc, the death-sport capital of the world, among the high mountains and low morals. For the last few years he has tried to numb the pain of his past with alcohol and adrenaline, but now a serial rapist is stalking Cham's tourist-thronged streets, haunting the same shadows as Itchy and triggering an obsession which will lead him far from Europe's peaks, to the depths of the valley and himself.The promise of Jonathan Trigell's first novel, Boy A, is confirmed in this depiction of the world of extreme sports and adrenaline junkies, where all the violent mistakes of a man's life come back to haunt him.

Boy A


A is for Apple. A bad apple. Jack has spent most of his life in juvenile institutions, to be released with a new name, new job, new life. At 24, he is utterly innocent of the world, yet guilty of a monstrous childhood crime. To his new friends, he is a good guy with occasional flashes of unexpected violence. To his new girlfriend, he is strangely inexperienced and unreachable. To his case worker, he's a victim of the system and of media-driven hysteria. And to himself, Jack is on permanent trial: can he really start from scratch, forget the past, become someone else? Is a new name enough? Can Jack ever truly connect with his new friends while hiding a monstrous secret? This searing and heartfelt novel is a devastating indictment of society's inability to reconcile childhood innocence with reality.

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