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Boy A


Jonathan's novel Boy A was filmed by Cuba Pictures & Film4.

It was directed by John Crowley (Brooklyn, The Goldfinch) and starred Andrew Garfield, Katie Lyons and Peter Mullan.


Among other prizes, Boy A won four BAFTA Awards and the

Jury Prize at the Berlin Film Festival.

It is an old saying among science fiction fans that anyone can predict the car, it takes brains to predict gridlock... No one can fault Trigell's ingenuity

The Times Literary Supplement - on Genus



unfolds with a gathering horror that invites as much compassion as revulsion and leaves the reader (this one, anyway) in need of air.

The New York Times - on Boy A



At the other end of the spectrum are those writers who have literary ideals but - almost in an act of defiance against some of their peers - still manage to entertain their readers with a story. For some reason many of the best of these - Emily Bronte, Leo Tolstoy and so on - are long gone. There are contemporary writers, however, following in their footsteps... Jonathan Trigell is one of these writers.

The Sydney Morning Herald - on Cham

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